Comments-Pure Silver Sound Cables / Interconnects?

When I purchased my current system I had to cut corners on the speaker cables and interconnects to make ends meet. After very limited listening to a couple, middle of the road audiophile cables lent to me, I followed some friendly advice and purchased Pure Silver Sound cables and interconnects. The cost was right, and their overall sound was quick and open relative to the copper wires. Imaging and frequency response seem to be excellent based on auditions with my stereophile test CDs. My overall satisfaction has been good, yet I still wonder what if anything I may be missing. Unfortunately, I have limited experience listening to similar SET/Horn systems with other cabling choices.

Since my finances have now improved, new choices are possible. Do I just have an itch for change, or should I be thinking upgrade ASAP?

Please share your thoughts on the use of Pure Silver Sound speaker cables and interconnects for high-end audio, in particular my system below.

Current System - Cary 300B SE monos/SLP-98P/Avantgarde Duo 2.0/Nuvista 3D/VPI MKIV-SME309-Clearaudio Beta Aurum

Thank you for your help.
Before you buy the cables,look up the price of silver per ounce. Please mthat "pure silver" may be used as an idiom.
The only to know for sure is to audition the cables at home. No one will have your exact system and room. Check out one of the cable lending services on the net. You can audition the cables at home for a small deposit that will be applied to your order.

In my opinion,
For high efficiency speakers, you don't need a large gauge of wire. Anything larger than 12 gauge for 8 ft pair is overkill. Lizwire speaker cable like bogdan and interconnects are good choice for the money. I would at least make my own speaker cable if you don't know how to terminate properly.
Pure silver is a bit pricy.
"Pure silver is a bit pricy"

Do not know where you are looking ,but there are a few places it is really inexpensive and you can save $$ rather than buy from Bogdan and the like. 100' 26AWG for around $25 and get yourself some Eichmanns and your all set. You ill need teflon,Heatshrink and some serious Burn-in time.

Good Luck!