Comments pls.: TEAC vs Marantz CD/SACD players

Would appreciate your thoughts on the TEAC Distinction Series CD-3000 vs Marantz SA-11S3- especially from any that have heard or own either. I'm in the process of reading as much as I can find about them. Have searched the forums here as well. Both are audio only, can do CD & SACD and offer balanced XLR out. Both accommodate a range of digital inputs (up to 192 kHz?) including USB.

I'd hope to be able to do in-house auditioning. Goal would be to replace an Upgrade Factory mod'd. Denon DVD2910.

The TEAC is very attractive at a $1000 lower price and has dual DACs - but relatively little info to be found on it. While generally favorable, I'm not entirely sure how to interpret the Feb 2012 HiFi Choice review.

Thanks in advance for your time and comments.
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I also am intrigued with the Teac CD-3000 CD player/DAC especially for the $1000.00 price. The most encouraging thing about the Teac is that it should/may/does contain some "trickle down" technology from it's bigger brother Esoteric line. That can't be a bad thing.

I was close to pulling the trigger on the CD-3000 from A4less until I found another Cambridge Audio 840C for a very good price. I sold one recently and immediately regretted it.

Willand - apologies. I messed up. TEAC pricing that I've seen makes it $2000
less than the Marantz. TEAC pricing for the CD-3000 is around $2K (not $3K as
I mistakenly remembered). The Marantz is right at $4K. Sorry for the confusion.

That refurbed unit you found for $1000 is sure tempting.

Good luck in your hunt.

BTW - the HiFi Choice review indicates that while Esoteric engineers were
consulted in the TEAC Distinction Series design process, there is no Esoteric
hardware in the TEAC products. Oh well...
"That refurbed unit you found for $1000 is sure tempting."

Isn't it though.

"Good luck in your hunt."

Thanks, but my second 840C was just delivered last week.

"BTW - the HiFi Choice review indicates that while Esoteric engineers were
consulted in the TEAC Distinction Series design process, there is no Esoteric
hardware in the TEAC products. Oh well..."

Wishful thinking. The fact that Teac consulted with Esoteric engineers is not a bad thing either.

Good luck with your decision,

The player uses a Cirrus Logic dac chip. It looks to be the same one as in the Esoteric SA-10 which I had for about a week. Didn't care for the sound at all, quite forward. I traded in my SA-10 and bought a UX-3 which uses 4 Burr Brown 1704 dac chips. The presentation is much more to my liking now.
Stereo5 -

me as well, I wanted to 'like' the Esoteric player but found its sound too dry & thin.
I am a huge fan of designers and manufacturers who use Burr-Brown DAC's in their products. Second choice would be Wolfson.
Thanks all.
Tom6897 - the Marantz does in fact use a Burr Brown converter. Appreciate your comment.
Marantz and Esoteric were on my short list for a new CD player.

I was able to in-house audition an Esoteric SA50. While the Esoteric might have been a little bit weightier than the Oppo, it was too analytical for my set up - Maggie 3.6's and W4S preamp and amp. The Oppo was more musical as well.

Based on the experience with the Esoteric compared to the Oppo, I decided to pass on the Marantz.
I find that even with the cheapest Oppo I get involved enough with music that I forget I only paid 50$ for it.
an oppo 83se, without a tube analogue stage, sounds thin, by comparison. i sold the oppo and bought another one-- a modwright modified oppo 83se.
I do appreciate the comments but no one yet with any direct experience of either the TEAC or Marantz???

Dsper - what Oppo are you referring to?
I would appreciate any comments on the marantz sa11s3 too. I have the 11sa1 and really like it, but have been thinking for awhile of upgrading to the 3. Any Marantz comments would be appreciated.

I had a TEAC PD-H600 CDP designed with input from Esoteric and it's a damn fine player, for the price. It's not an SACD player so what I'm going to say next is not a fair comparison but the Marantz SA-15S2b SACD player that I got kinda smokes the TEAC.

The Marantz is overbuilt and looks it from the inside. The TEAC SACD players don't look as robustly built once you have a look inside. That may mean nothing but it doesn't instill confidence for me after comparing it to the Marantz.

Having said that, I think you'd find the SA-15S2b to be more the equal, in price, to the top of the line TEAC SACD player. You can always try to get a demo from Music Direct (like I did) for a good discount and still have the 30 day in home trial.

All the best,
Hey Nonoise - glad to hear from you. Was sort of hoping you would jump in. I followed your post on your new Marantz. Glad you are enjoying it. Curious with respect to CD playback if you can make any general comments comparing the sound of the TEAC to the sound of the Marantz. I know it's not 100% relevant to the current situation. I hear about a "house sound" for Marantz...not entirely sure what that means. Personally, if trade-offs have to be made, in my system I'd be willing to sacrifice a little detail, resolution and high end extension in favor of warmth and lower mid-range heft, etc., etc. Thanks for input on the Marantz build quality. It's definitely photogenic (wish they still offered them in that champagne finish). The Marantz warranty is also noteworthy. Ciao.
Ghosthouse, Yes, the champagne finish is wonderful to behold but I've gotten used to the business like look of the black finish.

As to your question on how it handles CDs, all I can say it does a magnificent job of rendering my CD collection. CDs that I thought were no longer listenable through the TEAC are now back in rotation. Even the really bad ones sound better. My exposure to SACDs is limited but from what I've experienced, well recorded CDs are pretty much the equal of SACDs. Really a close call.

The Marantz brings with it a healthy dose of weight and gravitas. It also unravels the music in a way that the TEAC couldn't. Don't take this as a knock on the TEAC since the Marantz is more than double (almost triple) the cost of the TEAC.

As for that Marantz house sound, I can't really say since this is my first foray into Marantz land. From what I've read on earlier units and from what others have said, I see/hear no resemblance. No warmth, euphonic shadings, frequency limitations or a tube like sound. It pretty much comes across as neutral and really clean, but that could be the synergy it has with the matching integrated and my system in general. It's capable of great dynamics, both micro and macro, reveals just about everything, and does so in an even handed and easy going manner. There's simply no strain that I can detect, which allows the performers to seem naturally relaxed, if that makes any sense.

Hope this helps,
Ghosthouse & Rudge, I have had a SA11s3 since January. I have never heard a TEAC unit, nor an Esoteric, or a Oppo CDP so I can not give you a direct comparison. What I can say though, is that compared to my other SS unit, a Wadia 302, the Marantz has a richer tone and has better dynamic's. It is hard to fault but it does sound better after a warm up period. The input for another source is fine. It will, for example, reveal the quality of the source or type of transport you are using. Re transports so far I like the onboard transport better.

If I could only use one CDP, of those that I have heard I would easily select this one. Fortunately I do not have such a restriction, and find the relaxed nature of my Raysonic 128, and the tonal balance and clarity of my Wadia 302 can be useful depending on my mood or the CD I'm going to listen to.

Hope that helps a bit. Feel free to ask questions if you think I can help.
Thanks for your comments Newbee. Took a look at your system - some nice gear [but based on a quick scan of it's history since '03, I'm wondering if "Done For Now" is quite the right place for it ;-) ].

Good to know the Marantz compares well to the higher priced and better regarded Wadia brand.

re warm up, doesn't the Marantz have a standby mode?

Thanks again for your input.
Yes, it does have a standby mode, but none the less it seems a tad warmer/sweeter/more fluid, less ss after a half hour or so. Much the same as my other CDP's (except for the Wadia which is always ready to go, or so it seems).

I find the question about warm up interesting. Most folks assume that it applies to the DAC, but I've noticed that even when my Raysonic has been on for 30+ minutes or more before its used, that the sound will smooth out some and is best after a half hour or so of use. This was never the result of any studies, just casual observations, and one that may have no basis in anything but my imagination. :-)
Thanks for your comments Newbee. Took a look at your system - some nice gear [but based on a quick scan of it's history since '03, I'm wondering if "Done For Now" is quite the right place for it ;-) ].

Good to know the Marantz compares well to the higher priced and better regarded Wadia brand.

re warm up, doesn't the Marantz have a standby mode?

Thanks again for your input.
Newbee - just came across my double post (after you'd already answered about a "standby" mode on the Marantz). Sorry 'bout that.
FWIW - still haven't purchased anything!
Gentlemen: I'm late to the party, but I think that as an unhappy owner of the CD-3000, I have something useful to contribute.

There is a major problem with this SACD player and its two brand mates (CD-2000 and CD-1000) in the grandly named Distinction line: they don’t play SACDs properly. That is to say, all three models insert an intolerable and idiotic two-second pause between every pair of SACD tracks, even when the music is meant to be uninterrupted.

I have thrice written to TEAC customer service, but it has been 100 percent unresponsive to messages complaining of this crippling and inexcusable design flaw. Phone calls, of course, go straight to voice mail; they too have never been answered. TEAC clearly acts as if customers and their legitimate concerns don’t matter.

I have now reviewed the CD-3000 on the Amazon product page and posted a warning notice on the CD-2000 page. Similarly outraged reviews of the CD-1000--reviews, alas, I saw only after my own discovery of the near-criminal design negligence in this $2,000 machine--have been pretty heavily down-thumbed, whether by the usual Amazonian morons or by company shills I have no way of knowing (I've added comments to several of these reviews). I wonder how long it will be before my review also gets down-thumbed for revealing the truth about the scandalously inadequate design of what TEAC called the flagship of this product line.

As I indicate in my review, this is the worst purchasing mistake I’ve ever made, and because I foolishly bought the unit on eBay, I have no recourse whatsoever. As I suggest above, what use is a SACD player that won’t properly play SACDs?