Comments please: ARC LS 25 mk 2 vs. Ref 2 mk 1

No ARC bashers please. :)
Mike, Ref 2 Mk1( not the Mk2) is a definate over the LS 25. If you do a search here you will inevitably find many, many such comments and opinions... and all good ARC members say...Amen!
Not only do I agree with Kehut, I prefer the ARC Ref 2 Mk1 over the Mk 2.

The newer Mk 2 uses the Russian 6H30 pi, for which there is no substitute. If you happen to like that tubes bright top end, your good to go. If not, there is no option to roll tubes.
I also agree with the above. The Ref 2 is more tube like than the 25 MKII. You will need to change the power cord on the Ref 1 and then enjoy.

Happy Listening.
With the Ref2 MkII you can tube roll the rectifier (5AR4) and power regulator (6L6GC) tube. I haven't tried swapping tubes on my unit yet as the stock tubes sound quite good.

I also don't find the Ref2 MkII "bright" per se but it is quite precise and 'neutral'. It seems to get out of the way of the signal and yet imparts a pleasing flow and musicality. I've heard the LS2B and LS5 MkII; these older units do exhibit more traditional tube bloom and warmth.

Thanks for the great responses. I have a Ref 2 mk1 on it's way. If it's a keeper, I'll have to let go of my LS25 mk2 and my LS16 mk1. I hope the Ref 2 mk1 gives me the dynamics, detail and resolution of the LS 25 mk2 and the bloom of the LS16 mk1.

Ref2 mk1 is know for its bloom.