Comments on the Muse Model 3

I have been really impressed by the quality of the Muse gear I have heard so far (very little unfortunately) despite the reasonable prices (which will definitely keep me as a customer). I haven't heard, or possibly more accurate to say "not heard" the Model 3. I want to have a stereo/HT combo whereby the processor has a bypass so I can send a signal from my transport either to the processor (for DVD) or to a dedicated stereo preamp (for CD). Any comments would be helpful. Regards
Wonderful preamp. I have owned a Model 3 for around 2 yrs now and can say I am tremendously happy with it. It is, in addition, an incredible bargain. I bought mine for just under 900 used. Usually you can find them for less now. I do not have the one with the outboard power supply- that one is usually around 1500 used. You can upgrade the original for 600 from Muse. It has tremendous clarity, it is very quiet and most importantly, it does not color the source. Just what a preamp should have. It is one of the least expensive parts of my 2 channel system and it is definitely not a weak link. It's XLR options are also nice. I have not used the HT bypass function with it, but will as soon as I can afford the amplification I want for my HT system to equal my 2 channel system. Currently, it is very well matched with my Muse Model 5 transport, EAD 7000 MkIII D/A, Pass Aleph 2 monoblocks and B&W 804s. I can't say enough good things about this preamp. I do think you can find better, but you'll really have to spend ALOT more. To boot, K Halverson ( I can't remember if it's Ken or Kevin- the owner and chief designer, was really good answering my questions) He is very up with things and appears to be someone who really loves his work. Another victory for the less than megafamous great equipment makers. If you want to talk at all about the Model three, you can email me and we can talk. Happy listening. PS Audioreview has a couple of reviews on the Model 3 - one of them is mine.
Couldn't agree more as to the Muse Pre-Amp as being as good a choice as you could hope to make. I understand the stand alone display and power supply is well worth the extra bucks, I've heard of a number of people who went for this option and were delighted they did so. I would agree $1,500- $1,700 would be a great price, I saw one in that range on Audiogon Auction just in the past week or so which you might want to check out. Wanted to say to "tsquared" as well, since you already have the Muse 5 Transport you should BY ALL MEANS pick up the Muse Two Plus Dac so you can take advantage of playing thru the I2S connections common to the two units. You'll need to pick up a Muse 13W3 Cable for the hook-up as well but - "WOW"-, it's really something. As a matter of fact I understand Kevin Halverson even designed the Model Five Transport with the Two Plus Dac in mind. Take a minute and check out a review on the Model Five on the soundstage web site and you'll find the Five was used in this very combination. I believe as a Owner of the Muse Five Transport you'll be able to really relate to the reviewers commentary and conclusions. You can find it at:
Forgot to mention the Muse 3 has a Theater Mode shift button on the remote, check out the details on the Muse site, the owners manual, etc. appear there that may cover the questions you have on HT operation.