Comments on the Meridian 504 FM Tuner

FM Tuner Info says "The Model 504 is a very well-built digital tuner and it sounds great". While I am continuing to look for a vintage McIntosh, someone suggested I consider the Meridian 504. How does the 504 compare to the vintage McIntosh MR74 and the MR78? How does the 504 compare to the Fanfare FT-1A and Magnum Dynalab MD100 tuners (both sound quality and ability to pull in stations)? Your comments are requested. Thanks...
Checkout this link:
I personally have no experience with any of the tuners you list except the Fanfare. That said, I will give my opinion, no shortage of that.

I would suspect the Meridian to better all those you have listed. Everything I have ever read on the Meridian tuners has always been positive, and like the Macs, they seem to hold their value quite well.

I would be surprised if the Fanfare and MD were even close to matching the performance of the Meridian.
BTW, Go to the FM Tuners Yahoo Group and post your question, you may get your best answers there.
Yes, try the Yahoo group. It is run by the same people that maintain the FM Tuner Info website..
I've heard that the 604 is better (which is probably why you see at least 10 504's for sale for every 604...). I've also heard that the best macs are the mr71 for tube and mr7083 for solid state. I have the mr71, being a tube fan, and love it! The sound is gorgeous. Good luck!
I finally made a decision. My local Meridian retailer was asking $700 for their Meridian 504 FM Tuner. I offered $500 and they offered to split the difference ($600). I agreed and just hooked up my new Meridian 504 tuner. I am sure it is breaking in but it sure sounds good to my ears. The unit was a demo at a Meridian retailer but had never been played. I also have a 3 year warranty on the unit. I was very surprised when he told me the retail price was $1,760.

The bad news is my Harmonic Technology RCA interconnect cables do NOT fit the tuner or my McIntosh MA6900 integrated amplifier. It seems the metal on the cable is too long and needs to be shorter. I have loaner cables from the store and am waiting for Harmonic Technology to call me back. I am also waiting for Fanfare Electronics to send me the missing "F connector" so I can connect my Fanfare FM-2G Whip antenna to my Meridian.

It made no sense to pay $2,500+ for a Magnum Dynalab MD-102 or what ever for a McIntosh MR78 ($1,500 to $1,650). The Meridian sounds great and for $600, it was a steal. While I considered the other several other tuners (Magnum Dynalab, McIntosh MR78), I felt the Meridian 504 tuner at $600 was the better deal for me plus I get their full warranty.

Thanks again for all your help and advise. cheers...
Harmonic Technology called me back today (outstanding service from this company). He told me to loosen the cable connectors (metal jackets) on my Harmonic Technology interconnect RCA cables BEFORE connecting to the equipment. I did and was able to connect them to the RCA jacks on my electronics perfectly. I do not know why I was not able to figure this before out and so I feel like an idiot. cheers..