Comments on Silverline Bolero or Innersound at CES

I saw a pick of the Bolero speakers and they may be the most gorgeous I have ever seen. Can anyone out there comment on the sound? Here is a link to the picture (scroll down a bit):

Also interested to know if anyone heard the new Innersound Eros Mk 3's, any comments? Thanks in advance.
Dolphin, i listened to the Bolero's at CES and thought they were the best under $10k speaker i heard at CES. very coherent and cohesive top to bottom, excellent detail, clear mid-range and good bass articulation. they did nothing wrong and much right.

it is always dangerous to draw any definative conclusions at shows or dealers but these speakers seem to be the real deal.....and they were beautiful.
Mike, did you hear the Joseph Audio/Herron room?
i was in that room but didn't stay long enough to form any meaningful opinion. i normally enjoy Jeff's speakers and don't recall anything negative. as i recall the room was kinda packed when i was by there. i had mean't to go back but it didn't work out.