Comments on Rotel RSX 972 and 1065 Receiver?

Looking for your comments and experiences with those two receivers. I will be using them with a budget DVD player (for now) and NHT VT/VS1.2 speakers in a medium-sized room (15'x22'). Cables will be old MIT T2s and T5s left over from my 2-channel rig upgrade. Would the 972 have enough juice for the NHTs, or should I go for the bigger and newer 1065?

Thanks in advance,
I have a 965, which had a reputation for glitches but sounded easily superior to anything at its price point (personally, I have had no problems with mine). I run NHT Super Ones in a room about as big as yours. It makes for a nice system, but nothing that will blow you away. I haven't heard the new one, but my guess is that Rotel learned their lessons with the 965 and improved the product significantly. Check out for more opinions.
Hi Whknopp0713,

Are you using the Rotel/NHT setup for mostly HT or music? I have a separate rig for 2-channel music, so I am more concerned about HT performance for this system than it being musical...

I did check out, but so far only one review on the 1065 (although plenty on the 972) has been posted. Are you planning to upgrade from the 965?