Comments on PS Audio Cables

I had to order a custom 10 meter cable, as I ran this under my floor and the 7 meter was a tad short.

But while the cables were hooked up to my amp, I laid them on the floor and tested them out.

I will admit I only ran a few recording through the system,but with 2 installation techs from dealer helping me,it didn;t take long to tell if there was a marked improvement.

After some jazz (Kim Pencyl flugle horn) and then swithcing to a few other things, I put on COld PLay's Parachutes, a rather nice rock recording I think.

Took off the PS AUDIO "Statements" and hooked back the nice but basic monster cable I had, to compare.

Though my speakers may be modest to some, 12 yr old Klipsch chorus II's,the one thing they were missing was a fuller midrange and bass. I use my 18" Velodyne at lowest crossover to pick up that low end....and at very low volume.

It didn;t take 2 seconds before the 2 tech guys looked at each other and said, "what a difference...." The PS AUDIO Statements provided a missing ingredient to my sound, the KLipsch's NEVER sounded like that, I mean they had PLENTY of bass of midrange, and always a nice sweet high end as the horns lay out a large soundstage.

I was shocked because I had not touched the Velodyne, nor upgraded its cable from stock, only the mains cables changed, and the Statements got the best from my Klipshc's and the source material I had on. And that was right out of the box.

These are BEEFY cables, 6 guage 1" around, pound per a hose!

I noticed in recent Stereophile MAG how each advertiser says THEY HAVE THE BEST cables, ours sounds best....and they all look different, to hose like cables of girth to sleep ribbon like cables from Nordost, and who can try them all out to see which is best as dealers usually only carry a few brands.

For the price (I took advantage of their recent 40% off promo) I can't imagine how I could have done better, and these ample quality cables should hold me until perhaps I replace my speakers with Quads or something else remarkably better than I have, and would then consider 2 monoblocks (like Parasound) and I would start process all over again looking to Bi-wire.

At times, (and I am not one I don;t think)being an audiophile is a painful experience, constantly changing and never sure or satisfied to leave it be?....I will for now accept I have made a major upgrade to my system, with these cables that sound so natural and sweet.

I don;t know if anything is better, and it doesn;t matter, what matters is I can HEAR the difference, the difference is good and I find that very satsifying.