Comments on Oppo 105 for 2 channel audio system

I am considering the Oppo 105 player as a possible replacement for my Ayre CX-7eMP CD player in my 2 channel audio system. One of the advantages of the Oppo 105 is its ability to read my CD's stored on my Seagate hard drive in AIFF format. This allows me to easily select the albums I want to listen to. In addition, the Oppo 105 also can read SACD and DSD files. I can also use my iPhone to help control the albums I listen to. I will use the output XLR balanced connectors to connect to my Luxman L-590ax integrated amplifier connected to my Sonus Faber Auditor M Speakers. My questions are:

1) What is the sound quality of the Oppo 105 vs the Ayre? Many of the previous posts give the Oppo 105 good marks in its sound quality.

2) Will the 105 be able to select from different folders on the hard drive? In other words, will the Oppo 105 allow me to browse my content via a folder-type directory? For example, I plan on creating folders on the hard drive for classical, jazz, fold, etc to help manage the albums.

3) Are there other CD's I should consider that offer similar capabilities in the under $2,500 price range?

Your comments are welcomed.
Regarding your #2, how would you be connecting the Seagate to the Oppo?
You need a monitor to view the files. The Oppo is a nice unit but if you only want it for 2 channel with no tv, then consider something else...
If you need SACD also, you might end up with 2 players or a computer & DAC and an SACD player. At least older Denons are really cheap but are great SACD players
I use my Oppo 95 for 2 channel only with no TV, and I use a tablet to view and select my digital audio files. Also, the Oppo is an SACD player.
Yes the Oppo 105 is a great universal player I highly recommend this player,ESS sabre dac's and XLR outs....sweeeet.When using the XLR output it has a more direct path from the sabre dac's , it sounds warm and a bit analog rather than artificial and amped up. It has gobs of different ways to connect and YES you can access your different folders on the HD. Also, Marantz makes a universal as well that might be worth a look. For the $$ this Oppo 105 is a real bang for the buck! When you consider how much you would spend for a like McIntosh or Esoteric product.Its a great time to be an audiophile :-)
I have an Oppo 105 and an Ayon CD-2. I bought the 105 with the intent to sell both my Ayon and my Headroom The Max headphone amplifier. That is not going to happen. The Ayon is a much better CD player and the Headroom is a far superior headphone amp. With my Hifi Man HE5 headphones, even at full volume on the 105 runs out of steam. As a video player, the 105 is fantastic.
Gz3827: Regarding #2, the Seagate connects to the Oppo 105 via the USB port.
Hgeifman: Given you connect the Seagate as an external hard drive to the 105's USB port, then the answer to #2 is yes -- but as Elevick pointed out "you need a monitor to view the files." With a monitor or a TV connected to the 105's HDMI out, when you press Home on the Oppo's remote, a menu of choices appears among which is one labeled "Music." When you select Music, the Seagate will be listed and when you select it you will see the same folder and file structure that you see when the Seagate is connected to a computer. At least that's the way it works on the Oppo 95, and I can't imagine that this aspect would be any different on the 105. I hope this helps. (Note: Flexibility in controlling playback of digital audio files through an Oppo is much more robust when accessing those files through a home network as opposed to through the Oppo's USB port.)
Thanks. Any comments on the sound quality of the Oppo 105?
I've always been very pleased with the sound quality of the Oppo 95. Even though my speakers (B&W 804 Diamond 2) and my amplification (Musical Fidelity M6PRE/M6PRX) have higher price tags, I've never felt the need to climb the CD player ladder beyond Oppo. I have no personal experience with the 105, but others report its sound to be as good or even a little bit better than the 95 after a substantial break-in period which is usually described as around 300 hrs. It's not that the Oppo's are the best there is in sound quality. It's more that they seem to give the most bang for the buck. Oppo customer service (which on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 10) is another selling point not to be overlooked.