Comments on older esoteric players as transports?

Hi. I have an aging esoteric transport that i will need to replace. Given the moving target of music players and computer music, i do not want to completely upgrade the front end now. I have a blue circle dad i like. it occurred to me to get a used esoteric cd player and use it as a transport (and maybe for some sacd) while i wait for things to settle out. just wonder how good the digital out is in these players (like the dv50) compared to a moderately priced transport for another vendor. thanks for any thoughts
It all depends on the CD Mechanism used. The older Philips mechanisms are the real die-hards. The new Philips mechanisms are used in the best transports and CD player but they apparently don't last as long as the older ones.
Check my Krell cd-dsp on sale right now on Audiogon. It will sound very good as it is or even better with modern dacs.