Comments on Nakamichi PA5

I'm considering a Nakamichi PA5 Stasis amp to drive my Magnepan MG12's. Anyone familiar with the set-up?

The rest of my current system:
Sony CE775 SACD (feeds a MSB Link DAC for red book CD's)
Quicksilver Linestage Preamp
Kimber Kable PBJ interconnects and 8TC speaker cables
After owning a couple of Nak's Stasis receivers and being pretty impressed with their sonics I purchased a PA5 with high expectations and was completely disappointed with it. A very average sounding amp at best. Not even in the same league with my B&K ST140. My Meitner STR50 chewed it up spit it out and stomped it into the ground. Not Recommended.
I totally agree with Infinitebaffle. The Nakamichi PA5 doesn't have enough power for Maggies or E-stats. I had the Nakamichi PA5 MkII - which is 150wpc, compared to the 100wpc for the PA5. It was wonderful with my ribbon speakers but completely failed at driving my e-stats. Look elsewhere for a high current/voltage amp.
thanks guys.
I drove the Kappa Infinity 8' with Polyuthene speakers "rare", it drove them fine. Very clear. It will activate the clipping feature if a hazard becomes present.
Also music should be clear at low levels with tight bass.
Not loud and difficult.
Low and pure is the way to go!
Anyone else care to share their thoughts on the sonics of the Nakamichi PA5? Anyone pair them with Ohm Walsh speakers? If so what Ohm Walsh speakers did you pair the PA5 with?