Comments on Moerch DP-8

I'm interested in comments from anyone who has experience with this tonearm. I'm especially curious how it compares to the Phantom II and Tri-planar VII.

I've long been intrigued by Moerch arms but I've been put off by the lack of fine VTA adjustment. The DP-8 appears to offer this feature. I wonder how well it works in practice.

The 10 Audio review was strongly positive. A few more points of view would be greatly appreciated.

I can not compare with the above tonearms but this tonearm is much easer to set up and enjoy than the moerch up4 that I used prior to this tonearm.

Thanks for the response. How would you compare it to the UP4 sonically? What cartridge(s) are you using?
I am using a ZYX Universe much much better base, fuller soundstage, more sparkle, as time goes by this combo is starting to realy shine
Yes, please talk about the UP4 vs DP8. I have a UP4 and am considering the upgrade but I bought a DP6 and it wasn't better... actually a downgrade in my system. I went back to the UP4 and have been happy for a couple years but the DP8 has my antenna out again.
I can not comment on the dp6,but one of my issues in using the up4 was in setting up, it was not as user friendly as prior vpi tonearms tha I have used... The dp8 is easier to tweek,with a very solid base that allows you to adjusts azimuth much easier and VTA on the fly...

I AM A DEALER for the new ANVIL TURNTABLE I was asked to demo my new DP8 with zyx universe on this table and was able to have it up and singing in only minutes..
Yes, that's definitely an issue with the UP4. It just takes practice and patience to use it. It took as long to be comfortable with it as it did learning to type on my iPhone. I love both. A MintLP Protractor also helps a lot. When I got the precision armwand, that was much easier to setup, alignment-wise.

I've got to find someone local that sells the DP8 so I can hear it first....
I grabbed a used DP-6 here recently and yeah have found it to. E a beast to set up compared to other tonearms. Dhcod, I am curious to hear why you preferred the UP-4 to the DP-6. In all areas, or only certain areas that are more of a priority for you?
Air. Elbow room between instruments. Top end sparkle. A real sense of fingers on instruments. Less bass but very tuneful. I find that a true uni-pivot always sounds great in my system. For me the DP6 was lacking in all the above areas. I tried it with and without damping, by the way. It's definitely smoother in the middle but it's just not worth the compromise to me, especially since I listen to so many music genres. I need a more versatile arm.