Comments on Mark Levinson's 380 & 380s used.

I am using a ML 336 amp, need a preamp with great sound.Is it worth the ML interconnect with ML amp vs. looking at other pre amp choices? How Much for these units on the used market? Is the "s" worth the extra price? Are there older units which can do just as good a job as these?

speakers: Martin Logan Prodigy
Tuner: Dynalab MD102
CD: California Audio icon/mkii
The "S" Version are always better. If you get the 380, it'll cost a few grand to update it in the future. I have the Hovland HP-100. BTW, your CD player will be the weakest link in your system.
I have owned a Mark Levinson 380 for several years. I have used it with a 332, and also with two 332's biamped. I am using it now with a set of Levinson 33H monoblocks, and a Wadia 861 cd player. It is a great preamp, that I could highly recommend, and should match up wonderfully with your 336.
The 380s is essentially the same preamp, with higher grade components. It will cost you a little more money, but if you can spring for it, it will save you thousands of dollars in upgrading the 380, if you should decide to do so. I think that the last time that I checked, the upgrade was between $3000.00 and $4000.00, if you wanted the new face plate.
If you can find one, you should be able to pick up a 380 for somewhere around $2500.00, but a 380s will probably run another $1000.00, or so. I have been very pleased with mine. I have had it for several years, and in several different systems.