Comments on Magnum Dynalab MD-208 receiver

I am considering replacing my expensive Rowland Concentra I integrated amplifier and Fanfare FM tuner with the Magnum Dynalab MD-208 receiver. I am downscaling my 2nd system but plan on keeping my ProAC 2.5 speakers (I think) and Meridian 508.24 CD player (upgraded 508-20). How will the Magnum Dynalab MD-208 receiver sound with the ProAc 2.5 speakers? Does the Receiver have enough power (and amps) to make these speakers really sound good? This system is used for mostly background listening but it still needs to sound good. I hope to listen to the MD-208 later this week and asking for your comments. Thanks..
The Magnum reeiver will work fine as a replacement for the Rowland/Magnum combo. I believe the receiver's amp is based upon the well regarded Sim Audio design.
I think Magnum does not have the current for Proacs
The person above says the MD-208 Receiver does not have enough output current for the ProAc 2.5 speakers. The Magnum Dynalab MD-208 Receiver spec sheet says its current output is 30 amps peak. How many amps do the ProAc 2.5 speakers really need? thanks...
I thought that Proacs are not that current demanding. nevertheless, I believe that it would be a downgrade to go from the Concerta to the Magnum receiver. For what I remember from reviews, the Magnum garnered diverging opinions from different review forums, in contrast to the almost equal opinion in reviews of the Concertas.
I do not have experience with your Rowland, which probably deserves the high praise it receives, but imo the MD-208 will be one of a few appropriate "downscale" solutions. Unfortunately, Bemoptil123's "downgrade" statement is probably accurate. But, consolidating components, generally providing adequate power, maintaining honest quality and finesse of presentation, is the niche the Magnum tries to fill. I found the MD-208 to be a serious piece of equipment that could be the mainstay for a nice, simple system.
My goal is to downscale my 2nd system replacing the Rowland Concentra integrated amp with the Magnum dynalab MD-208 Receiver. I am not looking for the VERY BEST sound from the 2nd system but I do need it to sound good. I believe the MD-208 will do this. We are making some TV set changes shortly and I need to combine 2 boxes into one box because I need the shelf space. My Rowland Concentra I integrated amplifier and Fanfare FT-1A FM tuner are at Music Lovers Audio (Berkeley, CA) on consignment. Thanks for your comments above..cheers.
I am a past owner of this unit. For me, it was a BIG letdown. First of all, on the amplifier front, mine had Sim Audio innards. But not the upscale (so some say) Moon line with premium parts, but the more ''economy'' now defunct Celeste line, of average quality, and less than average value. This I got directly from a technician at Sim Audio. If you get one with ''Magnun Dynalab'' amplification, which came after the Sim-Magnum partnership ended, it still sounds pretty much the same. A somewhat closed-in sound, bright at times and never involving. By the way, I also had a Sim Audio I-5, '' a bit better'' on the amplification, still no miracle and no great value ( but great marketing!) I guess I could never understand the hype on the Sim sound...As far as the rest of the MD-208 goes, the surprise comes at night when this thing lights up like a Christmas tree in July. Nothing wrong If you like the looks, I don't. If you want lights, get a Mac!

I think you would do much better getting a thin cased Naim Nait, and a Nad tuner, even a vintage one sounds great. You would be ahead financially, not give up anything to the MD's monster size, and by in another world sonically speaking...Cheers!
While aging a bit I looked at my component built system and just about that time Magnum introduced the 208. Despite the early volume control related problems I found the unit to be a very pleasant sounding all in one box. So much so, that after the initial 1 year I have decided to add another one to my second home. As their are are without a doubt severeal alternatives in the amplification segment, I would have to strongly disagree with the idea of replacing its stunning tuner portion with a NAD, or really anything else other than another item from the MD line up. Unless of course if don't care for radio, which I am a serious listener of. I use (used) the receiver with B&W CM-4s, 802, and 805s and found it more than adequate to drive this particular selection. I find it to be very musical, with more than enough power to satisfy most interiors (in my case 350 and 420 sq ft). It is elegant, the simplicity of operation is an additional bonus and overall I would strongly recommend it. One complaint I would have is the lack of a light dimming feature, but apparently if switched awya from the FM section, it can be factory set to reduce the illumination. The current blue LEDs I find too bright. I am patiently waiting for the upcoming station preset with a new remote. What other companies have their president answer the 800 number when you have a question?
I agree with Audiofil that a NAD tuner is not the equal of the tuner section of the MD-208. However, when a good NAD tuner is paired with better amplification that the stock MD-208 can provide( meaning the 'economy line' old Celeste amp from Sim audio, or similar-quality Magnum's own amp section ), I beleive it can actually be a better set-up all things considered. As for the owner of Sim answering the phone...hmm...never happened to me when I needed their intervention and help in solving past problems with an I-5 integrated I once owned. I wish I could say that they took care of me but they didn't. Too bad, nice looking products.
Get YBA Passion integrate amp. It'll drive your ProAc to heaven!