Comments on interconnect cables

I have owned my Harmonic Technology Magic Link 2 interconnect XLR cables since 2007 so it is time for an interconnect cable upgrade. One option, of course, is the Harmonic Technology Magic Link 3 interconnect cables ($900). See:

My dealer is suggesting something in the Shunyata Research’s line.

Several people seem to like the Darwin Truth Interconnect cables as described below:

The IC cables will go from my Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC to my Luxman L-590ax integrated amplifier.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the above cables or other cables I should consider? My budget is around $1,000.

"Audioquest4life, you're not being true to your name!! :^)"

You are correct. I should take my own advice and be happy with what I have; however, being the ever curios "and have to mod this" homosapian that I am, I guess curiosity and experimenting is in my blood, for life, hence my moniker...based on the amount of intellect and technical feedback provided in this forum, I also believe that I may not be the only one that feels that way either:). I feel the same sense as if I am in Corvette or ZO6 forum, funny how two different hobbies are somewhat related regarding our desires to always test the limits and experiment. Tha last mod I made for my Z06 was a Callaway blower, which could have bought me some nice cables:)

I appreciate this hobby as well as the other and enjoy the knowledge gained from all of the other members. Enjoy the ride, you never know when it's going to end.
Hg - take a look at KLE Innovations products

They're pretty plain looking, but if it's performance you are after - these will
make you very happy

If you are looking for a neutral performance with clean, crisp details, superb
dynamics and a cavernous image that is extremely focussed, you will love

I've tried most of their lineup and currently own the gZero20 IC's and the
gZero6 speaker cables - both excellent.

The gZero6 and gZero10 are exceptional performers also - I started with the

I compared the gZero3's to a pair of Silver Kimber balanced IC's at $1200 on a
very nice $50k system and the gZero3's came out ahead in all aspects of their

Thing is, you don't need a $50k system to notice the improvements they bring
to the performance - my system is around $14k , but these cables make it
sound like $50k-ish :-)

Take a look at the KLE Innovations web site for lots of great reviews

The Darwin cable testimonials duplicate how I would describe my own results with
Reality Cables from Gregg Straley.
At $285 for XLR you get to enjoy bragging rights, along with having money left over to spend on the music.