Comments on interconnect cables

I have owned my Harmonic Technology Magic Link 2 interconnect XLR cables since 2007 so it is time for an interconnect cable upgrade. One option, of course, is the Harmonic Technology Magic Link 3 interconnect cables ($900). See:

My dealer is suggesting something in the Shunyata Research’s line.

Several people seem to like the Darwin Truth Interconnect cables as described below:

The IC cables will go from my Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC to my Luxman L-590ax integrated amplifier.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the above cables or other cables I should consider? My budget is around $1,000.
In the hopes that you haven't bought your ICs yet, do yourself a solid and try out the Darwin Ascension Plus that they have on sale now for $595 ($200 off). I just got mine and I'm keeping them.

I already have the standard Darwin silver ICs and these Ascensions are a big step up in performance. I don't think you need to go all the way to the Truth to get what you desire in an IC. They are so much more coherent, cleaner and musical that they will satisfy the pickiest of tastes.

Lots of claims are made but only you can decide and they have a 30 day return guarantee so you can't go wrong. You will end up keeping these, I promise. :-)

All the best,
Since everyone is providing advice and recommendations, I might as well chime in. I have read about the Tempo Electric cables for years and have slowly switched a few of my Neotech IC's over to the Tempo Electric from the amp to the preamp. The difference between the solid core Neotech and Tempo Electric IC's were not drastic as one reason I selected this particular Neotech previously was due to its very low capacitance. When played against other cables such as HMS, Nordost, and Audience, the Neotech had that sense of "aura" with articulated impression on the brass and cymbals, and excellent bass and upper frequency characteristics. Step into the Tempo Electric...pure silver, aka solid core, with silver WBT's. Though the measured capacitance of the silver Tempo Electric IC may slightly be higher than the very low capacitance of the Neotech, this is probably offset by the very low capacitance of the silver WBT's that come with the Tempo Electric, making the overall capacitance about the same. Anyway, the sound difference was more in the depth of how the individual instruments and vocals are presented. I was previously focused on Nordost and other pricey cables for their electrical characteristics concerning capacitance, especially if you run longer IC' like I do from my preamp to amps, about 5 meters (15 feet). For shorter lengths, capacitance may not be a big deal, buy worry about resistance issues anywhere in your system when you can get cables that are relatively low in capacitance, either short or long lengths. I am highly recommending the Tempo Electric cables due to their equipping the cables with silver WBT's. I would check them out while you do research..they offer balanced and Furutech carbon XLR options.
No business relationship with either Neotech or Tempo Electric, just a highly satisfied audio enthusiast.
As stated here, many ideas and more expensive is not necessarily better.
Good luck

"Audioquest4life, you're not being true to your name!! :^)"

You are correct. I should take my own advice and be happy with what I have; however, being the ever curios "and have to mod this" homosapian that I am, I guess curiosity and experimenting is in my blood, for life, hence my moniker...based on the amount of intellect and technical feedback provided in this forum, I also believe that I may not be the only one that feels that way either:). I feel the same sense as if I am in Corvette or ZO6 forum, funny how two different hobbies are somewhat related regarding our desires to always test the limits and experiment. Tha last mod I made for my Z06 was a Callaway blower, which could have bought me some nice cables:)

I appreciate this hobby as well as the other and enjoy the knowledge gained from all of the other members. Enjoy the ride, you never know when it's going to end.