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I have owned my Harmonic Technology Magic Link 2 interconnect XLR cables since 2007 so it is time for an interconnect cable upgrade. One option, of course, is the Harmonic Technology Magic Link 3 interconnect cables ($900). See:

My dealer is suggesting something in the Shunyata Research’s line.

Several people seem to like the Darwin Truth Interconnect cables as described below:

The IC cables will go from my Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC to my Luxman L-590ax integrated amplifier.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the above cables or other cables I should consider? My budget is around $1,000.

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The Darwin cable testimonials duplicate how I would describe my own results with
Reality Cables from Gregg Straley.
At $285 for XLR you get to enjoy bragging rights, along with having money left over to spend on the music.