Comments on Harmonic Tech.PRO-AC 11

I'm about ready to order these power cords but first please offer your reviews on them. Thanks!! Dave
Hi David. I use to have both Harmon Tech AC-11 power cords and MIT Z-Cords and both are decent. Then I bought two of those Edge power cords, and WOW. Everything opened up. I connected it to my Levinson amp and preamp. The detail and resolution in my Thiels was increased with the Edge power cord.The Harmon and MIT power cords seemed not as dynamic and detailed. So I bought another Edge and used it on my DAC and same results. Everything was quicker and more detailed. Well I ended up selling both my Harmon and MIT power cords. Maybe you should check out one of those Edge cords first, plus they are a lot less money. -Brent
David: I would definitely concur with Brent. I don't have experience with Harmonic Tech. cord, but was using original MIT cords and have listened to the XLO cords. I took a chance and bought 2 Edge Power Cords, and let me tell you they are excellent! They're good right out of the box and get better (much smoother and relaxed) with a couple weeks of break-in. I'm using one into my Arcam Alpha 8SE CD player and one into an Inouye Line Conditioner (which my CD player and Michell Gyrodek are plugged into). The combination of both cords has resulted in greatly increased resolution, with a "hear through" quality and transparency that just wasn't there before with the other cords. High frequency info is much clearer with less digital "hash and splash". Everything just sounds much more like real music, not reproduction! The turntable even sounds much better with the cord on the line conditioner. These cords are a great deal and are capable of letting you hear what your equipment is really able to do. And they're not expensive! Phenomenal value! Blake
does edge have a web page??