Comments on Electrocompaniet ECD1

I've seen a little information on this DAC here however has anyone else bought one since? Seems to be a rare thing however the only pro-review on ecoustics gives it a glowing report...
I find the version I have - 24/192 upsampling to be outstanding.
It adds realism and depth.
I find it improves the sony 777 sacd and also my Krell SACD
Well constructed.
What a deal that unit is-especially used.

I've never heard a better DAC under $2,500. Wide soundstage, Nuance and detail, strong tight bass, and best of all outstanding transparency. The only DAC that I ever thought was better in my system was the Levinson 360S- and not by much.
Agree with Danlib1, I have the Electro on my SOny SCD-777ES and it was clearly better than the stock Sony as described above. The AL 2400 and Chord 64 were even better but not at the used price of $1300 or so. The improvements were not that huge over the others but a little of this and a little of that.

Happy Listening.
Anyone ever compare the electro to the Birdland with the reclocker?
Thank you all for your feedback. Im looking at a virtually new unit at around $900 USD. Does that sound about right? From what Im reading Im virtually sold on it. Though the other thing I was thinking of is the Benchmark DAC1...not sure how they compare...
I had $1,2000 worth of mods done by Empirical Audio to my ECD-1. It's a fantastic DAC as a result. Running XLR input, it's very hard to beat - even with newer DAC's.