Comments on Cal Audio Icon II MK

An older design by cal audio but still good budget systems? Smooth with good upper bass?
I have the HDCD Power Boss version, and I find the sound very smooth and open, with excellent bass response. Altogether, a very musical player. My other equipment includes Bryston BP-25 pre-amp, and I listen a lot through headphones. Amp is Aragon 8008BB with B&W 802 speakers.
I recently bought a used Icon Mk II Power Boss which I am very pleased with running it thru my McCormack ALD-1 & DNA-1. To make sure the Mk II was up to snuff I sent it to Cal Audio for a cleaning an checkup. They only chared $60.00 plus shipping which I think is a great bargain. I would advise doing the same. Al
I own the Icon Mk II Power Boss w/HDCD with which I am very pleased. This is an excellent cd player with alot of muscle in the bass and lower mid region. It is very open sounding and detailed without being bright or harsh in the treble. It also images very well, revealing layers of depth into the sound stage, as well as positioning from left to right. I've seen the Icon MK II on this site going for around $700 - at that price you will definitely not go wrong!!! Don't hesitate to buy one if you find one for sale - you won't regret it. I use mine with silver-clad copper interconnects from LAT international, and I found them to work well with the Icon MK II.
this is an old posting, but if you're still checking... until recently i used a cal icon mkii (not the powerboss version) with my cj mv55/pv10al combo. my speakers were klipsch kg4. i was very, very happy with the cal. before i bought it, i tested it against the rega planet and a couple of music bank offerings from nak. the cal was smoother, with a better low end. i also beleived it to be more reliable (a buddy has had some troubles with his nak). i've since replaced most of my system, including the cal (in favor of a wadia). i pulled the cal out recently and put it head to head with the wadia. a totally unfair comparison--but, the cal held up just fine. i'd say the icon mkii is still a great machine at a great price.
The Icon Mk-2 is a very good bargain and a wonderful player. They are reliable, easy to use and the PowerBoss upgrade is money well spent. I have heard it against a dozen other players in my various systems and it holds it's own against players several times it's price. Don't get me wrong, the better players provided advantages that made them worthy of the extra money, but not one out-performed the CAL where it counts...musicality. I recently added a CAL Alpha d/a converter upgraded to 24/96 capability. I am running the Icon Mk2 and Alpha combo through a GoldenTube Audio integrated with Snell E type 3's and the results are sublime. Way worth it in my book.