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I just discovered a company named Antenna Performance Specialties ( They have a product, the APS-9B FM antenna ($120), that, they claim, can be mounted in the attic. Does anyone have an FM antenna in the attic and how does it work? Where does it go in the attic? How do I run the coaxial cable from the attic antenna to my FM Tuner? Does an attic installation for a FM antenna really work? Should I be looking at other antennas? Please post any comments or additional information you have about an attic installation for an FM antenna. Other recommendations on FM Antennas are requested. Thanks..
go to CCRANE.COM and look under Antenna FM,YOU will find FM
Reflect for $24.99 EXCELLENT product.Spend the rest of your
money on Audio gear.
You should call APS directly about your requirements. They whereof they speak. I use an APS 9 on a mast with a rotator, and feel they make exvellent products,
I do not use their product as I live in an apartment but just a FYI - APS is considered one of the premier antenna companies out there. Ed is a great guy with much experience. I purchased a modded Sansui tuner from him and am completely happy with it.

Ed is a contributor to the FM tuner page

First, take a good look around your attic, locating wireing runs and any electrical devices (many newer homes have the heat & AC located in the attic). If the area is clear, the attic is a very good place to put an antenna because you will avoid interference to the signal from close proximity to wires, motors, etc.

APS is as good as any manufacturer, much better than most.

Rule of Thumb: with an antenna, higher is better. A mast mount is best (if you and your neighbors don't mind looking at it), next best is the attic (if the attic is clear of electrical interference), and last is inside the house/apt (because of wireing in the walls, lights, appliances, etc.).

BTW, I also use the Reflect, and it is by far the best "in house" antenna I have ever used. Much better than Terk, Radio Shack, etc. That includes the powered versions, as well!

I forgot to tell you about the cable run. The usual way is to drop the cable between the wall studs, to where you have cut a hole for mounting the connector plate (same plate as cable TV hook-up). Newer construction has fire breaks staggered horizontally between the studs which will have to be knocked out or drilled. If you don't want to go through that hassel, mount the plate on the ceiling, above your tuner, and run the connection vertically. This can be hidden by panneling, art work, etc.