Comments on Amphion Speakers, Please

What do 'Goners think about Amphion speakers? I am considering buying a pair of Creons but I haven't heard them and the nearest dealer is many hours away.

My main concern is that their metal tweeter could be harsh or bright. I just can't listen to harsh or overly bright speakers. They drive me out of the room. So if anyone has an opinion on them I would appreciate hearing it. Thanks.
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lively but not bright or harsh. nice speaker for sure.
Like you, I am sensitive to the harsh quality of some metal dome tweeters. I have heard the Amphion speakers, and my advice is: Listen before you buy. Personally, I found the tweeter to be extended and detailed, but also distinctly "metallic" sounding. It was not my cup of tea.
I have plenty of experience with the Amphion Xenons. One of the warmest systems I ever heard was the Xenons paired with some Pathos amps. I heard them sound bright with a Rotel 1080 reciever. I have also heard them with Cayin KT88 but tube rolled Tung Sol 6550, Sim Audio W-7 and W-3 and a modded Unison Unico SE. Other than the Rotel, none of above sounded bright at all. A great speaker, but like most things, room and components will determine your results. I heard from some one that knows the line very well the Conrad Johnson is a great pairing with the Amphions.
Thanks for the comments. I would like to use solid state electronics with the Amphions, something like a c-j 2250a or Audio Research 100.2. From the comments made I'm guessing that these combos would probably result in a lean rather than warm sound. Anyone agree or disagree?
Picking up this thread late but I agree with KClone.
Amphion are essentially neutral, stunning value. The idea that they sound "metallic" comes either from a well-known psychological association (metal drivers have to sound metallic, orange-glowing tubes sound warm) or from a genuinely bad pairing (or room resonance, etc...).

I used Amphion Argons with solid-state amps and the result was stunning. I rate the brand quite highly.
I just heard my old pair at my brother in laws place. His room is inherently better than mine and the sound is excellent. Good dynamics, warmth, and extension. Don't hear much about Amphion on the boards, but this is a very underrated brand for sure.
Have had Argons in my system for about 7 years or so, and no intention of replacing them. I don't find them bright or harsh at all. As someone above said and as advertised, they are to my ear very neutral in a musical way.

Quick, punchy bass, clear yet smooth treble, and a very - not sure the right word really, but "engaging" comes to mind, as does realistic, midrange.

And very beautiful to look at.