Comments Meridian 507 vs. Arcam 23t CD players

My audio budget is limited and so I am also looking at a used Meridian 508.24. Any recommendations on these units? The CD player will be connected to a Bow Wazoo amplifier and Sonus Faber Grand Piano speakers. Thanks..
I have not heard the Meridian, but I bought an Arcam 23t about 2 months ago. I am quite happy with it. It is very detailed, yet non-fatigueing. It is discounted somewhat at dealers ( I paid around $1900 for mine), and used ones on Audiogon go for around $1350. There may be better CD players out there, but you can't beat the Arcam for the price.
I have Meridian 508.24 and its a wonderful cdp. I haven't heard the Arcam fmj23 but I would expect from the comments on Audiogon the Meridian would better it. I bought the Meridian used for $1800. I have seen the Arcam going for around $1200 used. In this hobby you pretty much get what you pay for.
I just a/b'd the two last night. The Meridian was much warmer with greater depth, more forward, and didn't have the punch you in the chest bass that I find annoying. The Arcam may have had a little more detail, but was very flat in space, had that hard bass I mentioned above, and lacked the presents of the Meridian. The Arcam was ...thin. I think I am going with the Meridian.
Any comments on the Rega Jupiter Cd player vs. the Meridian 507? Thanks..