Comments Fanfare FT-1A vs. Mangum Dynalab MD-100

I need comments and recommendations regarding the Fanfare FT-1A FM Tuner vs. the Mangum Dynalab MD-100. Price is equal but the Fanfare includes a remote and station sets. Which unit picks up stations better and sounds the best? Should I be looking at any other FM Tuners (priced lower)? thanks.
I've had the Fanfare FT-1A for about 2 years now. When I
compared to MD Etude (predecessor to the MD-100), sound and
reception were too close to differentiate on any appreciable
level. Both were superb and I could have gone either way.
Went with the Fanfare due to $200 price difference. The
price on the Fanfare has since been raised. If you switch
channels often go with the Fanfare. The Fanfare replaced an
Onkyo T-9090II in my system. Another fabulous tuner to
consider if you want to spend less. However, both the
Fanfare and the MD were quieter than the Onkyo. I also got
the Fanfare FM-2G omni antenna which is terrific if you live
fairly close to your favorite stations (MD makes a similar
model ST-2). Reasonably priced ($85) and a great performer,
especially if you can get it on your roof or in your attic.
If you are in a fringe reception area, I would strongly
suggest a dedicated FM yagi such as APS13/APS9.
I went through this a few months ago and purchased the Fanfare. The Fanfare also includes balanced outputs as well as station presets and remote control. From a value perspective the Fanfare is clearly the better buy.

In my system both tuners picked up stations with ease. I am right outside of New York City so that was not really an issue. The Fanfare sounded better, better bass, clearer midrange, more extended highs then the MD 100. The MD-100 is an excellent tuner and either of them will be a great addition to your system. IMHO the Fanfare is the better buy.
Unlike the first two responses, I have no experience with MD tuners. A little over a year ago I did go through this process though, which one, MD or Fanfare. I have no local dealers so I did all research via on-line. From all I read, it seemed the performance of the Fanfare and the Etude were quite comparable. I went with the Fanfare FT-1A as I also felt it was the better deal, with the remote and presets. I have no regrets, I enjoy this tuner very much and use the remote and presets daily.