Comment on this system.

Wadia 861 SE
Sprectral Preamp/M360 mono's
Avalon Eidolon's
M.I.T. Oracle cables
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Spectral is spelled wrong. What is your purpose behind this question? No one that has not heard this system in your room could have any valid comments.
nice speakers ....
Da's justa nice rig show-off...
It's not mine. it's in a store that a friend is considering to purchase. The amps are demo pieces and are about four years old. Is Spectral still considered "Cutting Edge"?
QUOTE: Spectral is spelled wrong.QUOTE

I just love these personal spell checkers! These people never assume that the word was fat-fingered or some other typo. They always assume you don't know the proper spelling and they do. The epitome of arrogance!
Have your friend email me offline...Cheers,
Tabl10, I own Eidolons and think they are among the best speakers available. I've also been pretty impressed with the Wadia in systems in which I've heard it. But, I've never thought the Spectral/Eidolon combination made music, and I've never understood why Eidolon dealers keep showing the Eidolons with Spectral gear. Others obviously will disagree, but for me, given my listening priorities, the Spectral/Eidolon combination sounds sterile and two dimensional, and I know this is not an issue caused by the Eidolons because they can sound absolutely marvelous with other electronics. Same experience with the M.I.T. cables in a variety of systems.
I've heard Eidolons with a Spectral front end here in New England at a big dealer, properly set up in a good room.

They were not for me. Enough folks here have Eidolons so I'm willing to bet your friend could learn before he makes a big dollar mistake. Heed the AudioGoners who know what works with these, and you'll enjoy them right out of the gate.


Paul :-)
If i said that he could get everything for a KILLER DEAL, would that anyones opinion?
The good thing for your friend is that he can hear the combination he would be buying right there at the dealer's showroom. If the tonal balance and sound suit him (I agree with Rushton and Beemer in that I like the Eidelons a lot but have always been less than moved by Spectral electronics), then the fact it's a killer deal is icing on the cake, if not, why spend any money on a system you won't like (and don't expect to get the money back on resale, either). The one thing he'll have to consider when he listens is can he take the sound long-term; Spectral equipment sounds very clean, and can be impressive on first listen, but after a while I agree with Rushton, it seems sterile and cold. The other part of the equation, of course, is his listening space; if the speakers can only fit in his room with their backs to the wall, he should look elsewhere.
Just for the record - I talked with Neil Pattel some years back while opening his Mexico distibutor and shared with me that , by that time, he used Spectral year at one of his personal systems.

I have never heard Avalons with Spectral gear, the best match I have found is with Gryphon and Pass gear.

I talked to an employee at Avalon who likes this particular combo. he also told me about the new speaker called the "Vision".
The system is good as presented. For what it's worth, the Spectral+Avalon combo used to be quite common and, to my ears, a good one.
It's quite a high resolution system, however, with a particular tonal balance and, as such, should be listened to extensively:
*try some classical and check out the sound of violins, the sound of a soprano
*try out the system with & w/out the pre.
That should give yr friend an idea of longer term comatibility with his/her ears...
The Eidolon Vision is a more expensive succesor to the Eildolon, but less expensive than the Diamond. I heard it briefly at CES, but w/unfamiliar electronics, so hard to judge. Cheers,