Comment on ECI-3

Could you give me your comment on Electrocompaniet Integrated amp ECI-3,thanks.
I heard this amp in comparison with an audiomat arpege. The front end was an audio refinement cd complete driving a audiomat tempo dac and reference 3a speakers(which are very efficient, probably negating the power difference between the amps. The ECI-3 sounded very good, smooth and powerful wuth some good resolution. It is definately a pretty piece with great ergonomics. We then Switched ove to th arpege which is 30w of el34 push-pull. Ahh tubes but not tubey mmmm.... The arpege sounded more natural and engaging to me and with these speakers not lacking for power. I walked out with the arpege but if you need the extra power in a very musical amp and a good looker you won't go wrong. Maybe take as look at the plinius, Rogue, and musical fidelity integrateds for comparison.
I am also one who ever owned Audio Refinement complete and upgraded to ECI-3. I bought used ECI-3 in mint condition(100 hours)at USD.660 in Thailand. ECI-3 give me wider soundstage, good focus not dark like AR when it drive Sound Dynamic RTS3 with Ovals 9 and Blue Heaven interconnect. I thinks it best deal for me. For new Plinius 8150 cost about USD.2000, may be Jadis Orchestra Reference will be deal about USD.1600