Comet Supply stop selling carts????

I ordered my Denon DL310MKII from Comet Supply. No better price out there - $216 delivered to my door.

Can someone confirm whether or not they have stepped aside from the cart business? I popped onto their site the other day to confirm some info for a friend and Denon is no longer listed in their Supplier Index and I can't find carts anywhere on their site.

Too bad if they did stop!


This Comet Supply:

maybe you've got the wrong one.

Just for informations sake, there is no such thing as a Denon 310 MKII cartridge, so that might be part of the problem.
Yea I know - I meant 301, not 310!!

I have been informed that you need to be logged into your account to access the Denon stuff. It was not always that way - it used to be you could see the cart section by simply going on their main site.

I logged in and sure enough they are all there.

Excellent - happy listening! Enjoy your new Denon.