Come On, Zeus-ers, How Does the Big Rogue Sound?

Is that thing a monster or what?

I just sold my Quicksilver Audio V4s powered by the Quicksilver Audio (QSA) Preamp. Hey, for the price, QSA is a great investment. Anyway, I thought I was going to simplify - yea, right!

I am thinking about the Rogue Zeus powered by the Rogue 99 Magnum - hey, that's simplifying, right, monoblocks simplified to something I heard is shipped to the consumer on a pallet :0!!!

So, what's the question? How does it sound?
I am also waiting for a review on this Zeus.
I'm sure it's great. The only thing stopping me is the weight of the amp at 200 pounds!
The Zeus truly is a God among amps. I replace ARC VTM 200's with the Zeus. It bested the ARC monoblocks in every way. Especially the midrange. You can not beat the sound of midrange in triode mode.

I have had the Zeus for about 5 months now. It has all the power one would need and offers you the flexibility between triode and ultra linear (which I tend to prefer in most cases)as well.
The sound is less "tubey" than you may imagine, given the grip that the amp provides.
I can only provide comparisons. The top is certainly less grainy than my Plinius amps, the midrange excellent - and the bass really is so dependent on your speakers and the room as for me to offer any comment would be useless.
I use KT88s - am not sure what they come with standard and also have changed the input tubes.
I use an Audio Aero CD player running directly into them.
OK, surely there MUST be a few more Zeus owners out there that can "chime in" ?

Wonder how it compares to something like the Cary V12R's, or Jolida JD3000A??

Just a suggestion - go to and check out the Regional Circle's NY Audio Rave group. Ask Richard (bugleboy) how he likes the amp.

As you can see from the pictures on the "Rave Meet" thread, Richard has 2 outstanding systems. He can certainly tell you how this amp (damn, looks more like a server) stacks up against some other really nice stuff.