Come on people....BASS!'s really not that hard. It kills me when reading people's descriptions/comments about their system's, or a components LOWER FREQUENCIES referred to as BASE.  BASE is the bottom support, BASS, are the lower frequencies of pitch.  
Many such misspellings are a result of careless use of voice recognition and autocorrection. I am often the practitioner/victim of these word crimes. It becomes very tedious to re-read and edit texts and dictated messages. Sometimes, you make the effort, but just miss the errors.
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Part of the problem is that texting teaches bad habits, and another part is the reliance on spell checking software and simply accepting that it will know best which homonym you would want to use without you having to think about it.

When legal matters can have millions of bucks determined by a misplaced comma, the upcoming generations' refrain of "Well, you know what I meant" just isn't going to cut it.