come on guys I need help

i am looking to replace my discovery plus 4 interconnects.i have a bat vk-3i pre and a mcalister audio tube amp with vr4 gen 2 speakers. for $300 what cable will better my discovery plus 4's? i primarily listen to jazz and easy listening. what's lacking with the discovery? .. the smoothness is there but i think they lack detail. the mids seem to be muddy? thanks
This is such a personal and system dependent suggestion, but I have been very happy with my Signal Cable Silver Resolution cables for a combination of smooth sound and excellent detail through the complete audio range.
the discovery cables are fine, as are the speakers and pre......not sure about the amp(not familiar with it). sounds like moving the speakers around might help....couldn't hurt to try.....the front end may be a problem, but this sounds like a room thing.
Jaybo is likely giving good advice. Nothing in your system is substandard at all, it is unlikely that genuine component defficiencies are the cause of any muddiness or lack of detail. If you go to (makers of "Tube Traps," their website has a mp3 audiofile to download called the m.a.t.t. test. You can just Google "ASC matt test" and you'll go right to it. If you have headphones, earbuds, etc. you can hear the tone sequence as you should, then play the tone sequence through your system and you'll get a sense of the degree to which room acoustics are contributing the impression of muddiness and lack of detail. This test is aslo on Stereophiles' second test cd they issued.
i have a mcalister amp, a modified p 150.
please contact me about your experience with this amp.

as far as cables are concerned, what are you trying to accomplish, sonically ? my experience with discovery cable is opposite to what you have reported, namely the detail is there but it seems a bit raw sounding, lacking smoothness.

i think the chimer cable should staisfy you. it's very balanced. retail price is about $300.00/meter .
i made a mistake. the company is chimera cableand the web site is .