comcast upgrade

hi guys
this week comcast did an upgrade in our me it was an downgrade.
first thing that happen was my box would not keep 1080 or 720 on the hd stations when the tv was shut down,it woud revert back to 480.after 4hrs with 5 different so called tech people,they decided i needed a new box.
with the new upgrade there is no way to get into the settings to install the pass through which reads resolution the station is transmitting and the box picks up and changes to 1080 or 720.on the hd channels it stays on 1080 now.
ok i can live with that but my big issue is that you now can`t change the setting on the audio to 2channel and disengage dolby 5.1.i run a optical from the cable box into my cary sacd player for audio on system is not compatable for dolby.
anyone else running into this dilemma
Wow, I hit the same issue with Dishnetwork!
I have a different cable company that does these upgrades. Then a lot of new bugs until they learn about it. When that happens, it's time for more upgrades. They are good at billing us for them though. And yesterday, I saw their trucks all over doing something, and I'm guessing more upgrades. LOL.
i have to tell you what Einstiens they have as techs.the 1st person i talked to when it was switching back to 480,said just use the zoom button to fill the screen.
I had simlar issues with Comcast , not as bad , its default was 720p , anyway you dont need a new box, what you need is comcast to send out software patches . may take 3 or 4 weeks but they will get them resolved . And forget about talking to Sales reps on the phone , there is some secret wizard behind a curtain that will fix it.

They dont want people who dont know whats going on like Grandma saying when I go to Mrs Winkles house her dish network HD colors pops off the screen and my Comcast looks like crap. They will fix it , because the have an economic reason to do so.
So was teh upgrade to enable 1080 ppi?

I've noticed my Comcast HD appears to be 720 ppi.

What is required for 1080 exactly?

I'm not a big TV guy so it has not been a big issue for me but my tv can do 1080 so if I am entitled to that I would want to get it.
I love to hate Comcast. Generally I have them over at least twice a month to fix a problem, but they never get in to actually do anything. Why? Well it is about booties. Yes, booties, which they never bring, as they advertise they always bring. So, I get a $20 credit. Another visit is scheduled, and again no booties, so another $20 credit. These people never learn. Still waiting for them to implement PIP, promised five years ago.
I disconnected my Comcast service because I didnt want there morons behind my high gloss speakers.
you will be able to install 1080i not 1080p.
"you will be able to install 1080i not 1080p"

Cool. How? Does it cost more?
turn on tv,make sure the cable box is off.hit the menu button on the remote,i think it`s twice then hit the zoom button on the remote.the setup wizard will come up on the tv will walk you through step by step very easy.
if you can`t do let me know with an email and Sunday i will call you and walk you through it
Got it. It worked. Menu button with box off brings up a config menu you can set tv resoultion with. Power button then exits and saves.

Much better! Thanks so much Alpass!

Is this an "undocumented feature".

Typical Comcast. Their whole system is geared to their benefit by default, not the customer's. Its up to the customer figure out what they can. I suspect most people just give up when they have a problem due to common long wait times or long travel distance to the nearest overcrowded service center.

I guess one can switch to a competitor if you want but that can be quite the inconvenience as well.

I think no company I can think of gets my goat as much as Comcast!
Every once is awhile double check its still on 1080I sometimes switching sources can send the box back to default, but I have noticed mine will finally default to 1080I , for about 2 months the default was 720p, so take hart Comcast users , sometimes they roll out the new boxes without the firmware signal in your neighborhood set up properly. But they fix it , thanks to competition , Dish , Direct , Verizon....Comcast has to make sure your HD quality is top notch. They dont want to loose your business.
oy, that blows.

if you haven't upgraded your box in a while, i might try to get a NEW model box (i highlight that because unless you ask very firmly, they'll often try to give you and old one) to see if it works better with the new config.

one thing i've learned, though, is to NEVER turn a box that is working fine (as your box was before their "upgrade", anyway) until you're sure that the new box works well. whenever i do that, i hold on to the old box and just pay the pro-rated monthly fee when i finally do turn it in. that's after turning in a fine hd box and going through three s****y new ones trying to find one that worked and not having hd cable for a couple of weeks.

good luck. glad mapman got his 1080i working (on my comcast boxes there's a little button on the front that lets you scroll between 480, 720, and 1080i and then just uses your last choice as the default output).
A while back, there was a Thread that mentioned a fault in the Comcast HD box that caused the screen to go from picture to bright green. To get back to a picture, I have to turn everything off and then back on. Does anyone know if getting a replacement box from Comcast will stop that from happening?
does anyone know how to change the audio output from 5.1 to 2 channel like i was able to before the upgrade?there is nothing in the new audio setup to do this
Mapman,your welcome