Combining PSB and Dali

I have a pair of Dali Zensor 7's and PSB Image T6's. While auditioning speakers, I liked both brands a lot, but for different reasons. I couldn't decide, so I bought both but cheaper product lines (Zensor instead of Ikon and Image instead of Imagine).

After listening to these for a couple months,I am still in the same boat. I like them both, but different reasons. I have an Onkyo 807 and Marantz 5007, and am going to buy a NAD amp, soon.

I love the clarity and resolution of the highs on the Dali's. I love the punchy bass and balance of the PSB's, but the highs sound muddy next to the Dali's. What else should I hear that combines what I like for under $2,000. What about for under $3,000?