combining HT Stereo?

OK, I tried to get the best of both worlds: HT & Stereo by mixing components. I have a Harmon kardon 500 receiver, which I use as a pre-amp for music and surround sound for HT. I have a Classe 300 amp for music that powers BW Nautilus 804s. I also have some BW 602's which I use for surround speakers. I tried running the classe amp with the 804's for fronts, with the HK running the 604's for the rears in HT, but the 804's drown out the 602's and I really cant get the dialogue. so far, the best option I came up with is to just use the tv speakers for the dialogue, and use the 602's for surround, and shutting down the 804s. I really think I am short changing myself in both worlds. the 804's lack bass for straight stereo. what should I do to maximize my system? I was thinking about wiring the 804's also to the HK for home theatre fronts (leaving the classe amp OFF of course, do I also need to unhook the wires?) and getting a sub-woofer to give me the missing bass for stereo. And then possibly getting a center channel to complete the system. Any feedback?
There is always compromise in a dual-purpose system, however it has several economic and convenience advantages, which is why I do it. First off, I would get a sub, which is critical for home theatre, and pretty important for 2-channel. Rel works great for me, as you can connect a sub out for HT, and straight from your 2-channel amp for music. It'll play both simultaneously if you want, and sounds terrific. I definitely would get a center channel speaker as well. In 5.1, the center handles a majority of the signal. You can futz with connecting multiple inputs to the 804's, but an easier solution might be to get a stereo preamp with a HT pass-thru. This is how I set mine up. Good luck.
Wait a minute, the stereo pre-amp with a HT pass-thru will only work if you can get your HK receiver to spit out a line level signal for the fronts.
Without a center channel and sub, you may be wasting your time tweaking the HT side of the system. As Dbwl noted, the center channel carries the vast majority of the signal in HT and the sub is critical for the LFE (.1) channel. Can't comment on the other aspects of combining HT and 2 ch; I have 2 separate rigs.
I also have 2 separate rigs. If you can afford it and have the room, I would advise going this route. IMO, it is much more difficult to achieve the best of both worlds with a single approach. In many cases, you will compromise both and get a system that is average compared to separate dedicated systems. What I have found on HT, is that the proper matching of speakers is crucial. For HT, there are many brands that make 5 speaker combo's that are pretty good in a HT setting. Unfortunately, while I like them for HT, they are generally OK at best at pure music reproduction.
Check the manual for that HK on how to adjust the sound level for each speaker.
This feature is one I couldn't do without on my NAD T761... the owner's manual explains that this is to deliver the sound as though the space between your head and the speakers are equidistant even if it isn't. Useful for wall-mounted surrounds.