Combining home theater with two channel

I have a 7 channel home theater system. In my system, I have Marantz 7706pre amp, Emotiva XPA-Differential 3 channel(450 wpc) driving my golden ear R1s and center channel, XPA-4 (275 wpc) driving surround speakers. When I switch to 2 channel to play music, I’m just not impressed with the emotiva.
My dealer suggested that I add an integrated amp to the system to play music.  The krell K-300i. I just have a hard time understanding how can a 150 wpc amp pack more of a punch than a 450watt amp. 
@ peytoni, what percentage of the time are you listening to your system in "home theater mode" versus "2 channel music" mode? I think the answer to that question will help you focus on a solution. So, good luck on that elusive search to have your cake and eat it too!
So, good luck on that elusive search to have your cake and eat it too!

No luck needed. It is extremely possible to separate and also utilize both in a high quality way, I know, I do it.

When they are broadcast live, I have a subscription to the Berlin Philharmonic via the Digital Concert Hall. When I do so, I watch and listen to the performances in HT mode. Why? It sounds better. I know, I’ve tried both. Their production seems engineered for HT, and is very enjoyable.

But, when playing The Berlin Philharmonic via one of my LP’s, CD’s, or streaming, it sounds better via my 2 channel system….by far. 

There is no magic here. Once you understand how to implement both in the same room, the advantages are clear. I have my cake and eat it too.
OP, you are in for a treat with the JC5. The Emotiva switch mode power supply just cannot compete with a monster toroidal transformer. The JC5 has quality power for days. Im using a JC5 with an Arcam sr250 currently in a system that pulls double duty for movies and music. One day I might swap out the Arcam for a JC2 BP or a tube pre from Prima Luna or Cary Audio, but I am pretty content right now.
Yup! your in for a treat with the Jc5 is just a special amp indeed!
As for those who tend to down play "good sound " with a pre/processor it’s not as black and white as they say, pro’s and con’s are prevalent with both depending on listening habits. Few years back in simplifying my setup using a Marantz 8802 and now 8805 with an Halo A21 for my mains the 2/ch playback is was nothing to sneeze at via XLR’s using Pure Direct mode. Most of my listening is 2/ch 80% percent, before adding a dedicated preamp with Bypass I thought I’d try to eek the last bit of performance out of the Marantz setup by adding an external dac in this case a Gustard dac A18 and few months later stepping up to the Jc5 and also adding a GIK ceiling cloud overhead to finish off my room’s acoustic treatments. The biggest pro for this setup and for me is the Marantz prowess to decode a "Native DSD" signal ! I have a ton of Sacd’s and while now using the Gustard’s AKM 4499 dac’s to handle redbook and soon my Hi Res streaming I’m in 2/ch bliss as the sound is just flat out good ! I have 2 dedicated lines terminated with Furutech Ncf and AQ edison outlets and good cabling through out as a supporting cast.
The JC2 bypass can wait a bit as what is said to be not good is well? Good!
It was just more enjoyable and less fussy for me to separate the music system from the HT system.

Even then, the HT eventually went 2ch. Always felt the sound antics got in the way...was too conspicuous...for me.