Combining different speakers to get better sound

I wanted to get your opinion about using two different speakers. Let me explain, over the last month I have obtained two sets of speakers

A pair of Energy Veritas 2.3s
3 way, ported design with Aluminium dome midrange and tweeter.

A pair of Old ADS 1230s
3 way acoustic supension design with silk/fabric dome midrage and tweeter.

Now what I noticed is that the ADS sounds great for classical music (string instruments, probably because of silk dome tweeter). However the Veritas sounds great for Rock (metal drums, guitars etc).

I wondered what it would sound like to combine them because
I would like the best of both.

So I put the speakers in series (because parallel would reduce the impedance to below normal, ofcourse taking care of polarity).

And it sounds great, The bass is better, I can clearly hear the Veritas excel in Rock and the ADS come through in classical. The highs are clear and does not seem to be cancelled out.

So what do you think ? The only problem might have been a loss in imaging because the speakers are side by side, instead of (stacked).

Have you had similar experiences ?
Why not sell both of them and buy a better pair of speakers?
If it sounds good (to you) it sounds good (to you).

You are correct that different speakers excel at different kinds of music, but the idea of using both at once is doubtful. Also putting them in series is not a great idea.

However, (see line 1).
You put them in SERIES?...and then side-by side?
Holy crap! I can't even begin to comment on the non-linear summation of their outputs acoustically, nevermind their electrical summations. But if by some bizarre chance they sound ok...BRAVO. Did you try stacking them with tweeters close together (quasi-D'Appolito), keeping the bigger woofer n the bottom and the hotter tweeter on top (if possible)? Might be another crazy revelation, yet I gotta agree with Tireguy in the end.