Combination of PurePowerAPS and Audience adept aR


What is your oppinion about a combination of a AC regenerator like PurePowerAPS and a conditioner/filter like Audience aR-? What are the positive and what negative points?
Which array seems more logical?
I haven't used the Audience filter, but I used to use Chang Lightspeed's.

I now have the PP 700 and it is WAY superior, both to my audio and video.
Hi Apopira2,

Not quite understanding the question, do you mean piggyback or using them for different components in the same set-up?

I personally use the APS 1050 for my source,pre,and PARC and the amp is connected to an Audience aR1p with very good results. Quite backgrounds,smooth detailed sound without losing dynamics.

Only negative is the APS has a fan which makes a little noise. If you sit close enough you might hear it, not a problem IMS.
Hi Snopro,

I mean to use both units in the same setup like this: wall outlet, PurePower regenerator, Audience aR6 or ar12 and sources, preamplifiers, power amplifier etc., all on the Audience.
This way the Audience filters a regenerated voltage.
Does it work?
I have to say, I can not see the point of filtering a regenerated AC. If you need to, surely the regenerator is not doing its job. I changed from a competent filter, the Kemp to the APS 1050 with very clear benefits in noise floor, dynamics.
If I was going to add to the APS, it would be with the Quantam Q2 or 4. I am not sure what it does, but it certainly does it. I heard HiFi +'s demonstration of ancillaries at the Heathrow show a few weeks ago, I believe they did a similar one at RMAF. The Quantum was , to me the clear winner in sound improvement as the ancillarires were built up. Does anyone who attended RMAF agree? The same demo, but using different box's