Combak Harmonix tuning bases ?

Anyone experiences with the Combak Harmonix RF-999MT feet under spiked speakers ?
I use them under my speakers. I also have the 900 and 909. In my opinion you should be carefull with the use of the 999's. In much cases they bring to much "good" things. They easaly overdo the midrange. For me a combination of 900/909 or 909/999 did the job best. Best deal would be the 909's I guess. They do a lot of good things ( also under other equipment !!) and they are much better then the 900,s and they cost not much more. Also experiment with 3 or 4 footers, use them under other components. I use a lot of Harmonix stuff and they all do their job fine but you have to seek were they are in the best place.

btw: I use the Gallo's 3.1
Hi William!
"Best deal would be 909`s I guess"
I use Merlin VSM MX, what model would you estimate beeing best, weighing 38 kg each. Standing on wooden floor on top of concrete with foam plastic between, could this be too soft using Harmonix feet working optimal?
Been thinking of RF900 or RF900 MKII. The reviews doesn´t always tell on what kind of floor speakers standing on. I believe this could have a large impact on sound.
Appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

Many thanks and have a nice weekend!