Columbia Masterworks's 6 eyes..and LP'

Ok, Since I got back into vinyl I have been looking into the RCA's Shaded Dog from before and after the Living Stereo, as well as Mercury's Living Presence stuff..
I recall reading something about some Columbia MasterWorks being good sounding and desireable as well...but I couldnt remember this deal about the 6 eyes, so I never found them..until today with the 6 eyes around the LP label!!!LOL

So: this is what I got today, and tell me if I got rubbish dressed in gold or not:

Columbia Masterworks ML5332, Tchaikovsky: Symphony#4 in F minor, Op 36,New York Philarmonic, directed by Leonard Bernstein.

Columbia Masterworks ML 5282, Grieg: Concerto in A minor for piano and orch.. Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini, op.43, performed by Phillippe Entremont on piano and the Philadelphia Orchestra, directed by Eugene Ormandy.

Columbia Masterworks MS 6073, 1812 Overture by Tchaik, In The Steppes of Central Asia by Borodin, Polovotsian Dances also by Borodin, and NIght on Bald Mountain by Mussorgsky. Eugene Ormandy directing the Philadelphia Orchestra.

This one is pre 6 eyes on the center of LP period I think:

ML 4865 a Wagner Program, by the Philadelphia Orchestra dir by Ormandy...the cover has a sticker that says HI FI Plus.

Also, these others:

RCA Victor LM-1817 Shaded dog with plum colour label of Offenbachs's Gaite Parissiene,,by the Boston Pops and Arthur Fiedler conducting.

RCA Victor LM-1835 Shaded Dog but with the brighter red label. Toscanini, Shubert Symphony #9.

Westminster WL 5020 Natural Balance recording,,of Mozart Sinfonia Concertante in E flat and Divertimento #3, in B flat by teh Vienna Philarmonic Wind Group and Chamber Orchestra of The Vienna State Opera conducted by Henry Swoboda (this LP has a reddish plum colour)

and these 2 non classical LP's:

I love this one: Larry Coryell's European Impressions recorded live at Montreaux..Novus label.

Sting's double LP Bring On The Night

and last:

a Nautilus recordings SuperDisks, which is a half speed master recording...of Lee Ritenour's "RIT",,players on this album include: harvey Mason, david Foster, Don Gruisin, Jeff Porcaro, Alex Acuna and others...

well, thats it!
it seems to me. most your lps listed here are mono(ML, LM, westminster etc), it does not bother me whether it is mono or stereo,as long as the music and condtition are good.

I listened to them all last night and they all sounded fine, some after not even a cleaning,,,the jackets are a bit rough on some...
Nice finds, but you listened to them ALL last night? Wow, you must be toast today! :)

Like Tim said don't worry that some of them are mono. Just the reverse perhaps. Some of the RCA LM's have better detail and presence than the same # in the stereo version (LSC).
LOL..I am tired, but I have a light holiday schedule, so I can stay up and listen...LP's are not as long as most CD's thankfully...

I listen pretty close to my JBL L96's and the mono's do quite well...But to now, I must say that the best one I have is the Reiner Pix at an Exhib...even its XRCD2 CD sounds spectacular...
I have that XRCD too, definitely one of the best. I'm probably going to buy the 45rpm Classic Records reissue. Pretty expensive but that performance and recording are worth it.