Columbia 6 eye lp's

Living Stereo. Living Presence. Reference Recordings. Columbia Six Eyes get no respect, I tell ya...

Just wondering if anybody would like to list their favorite Six-Eyes for sonics, which at their best rival anything out there (IMO).

What started me wondering was listening to Eugene Ormandy conducting Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty today. I have always passed on this one, but today a copy came in to the Goodwill that was so mint I couldn't resist it for $1.19. When I played I was shocked - it's not only an excellent performance, but a stupendous recording.

Another one that I've always liked is the Bruno Walter/Francescatti Beethoven Violin Concerto. And of course the Miles Davis titles.

How about you? Any obscure ones - or conversely, the obvious ones like the Ormandy that fellow Audiogoners might be passing up?
My fav Columbia 6 eye off the top of my head is one that I just found for cheap... It's Ellington Jazz Party in mono. The thing is, it simply blows away the Classic Records stereo equivalent which I thought previously was a solid sonic attempt. It smokes it dynamically and has a much richer, deeper soundstage.
A close second would be the Columbia 360 Sound stereo Bob Dylan –Nashville Skyline with Johnny Cash helping out on “Girl From the Northern Country” or Big Brother and the Holding Company Cheap Thrills with Janis Joplin singing the George Gershwin song “Summertime”. Realistically not one of the most beautifully recorded pieces of music but it gives me the shivers every time I play it with shear blue eyed soul(ful) impact. So much vinyl, so little time.
Happy Listening!
Listening to Bernstein conducting and playing Shostakovich and Ravel piano concertos right now. Gorgeous. ML 5337.
Except for the english horn solo in the 2nd movement.
How about one of the most famous Jazz LP's of all time? "Time Out" by Dave Brubeck Quartet.

The original 6 Eye is wonderful both musically and sonically.

The cut "Take Five," still attracts younger listeners as they discover this old Jazz masterpiece.