Coltrane love supreme sacd v. 180 gram

Anyone compare the sacd versus the speaker corner 180 gram version?

I have the sacd version that sounds real good but speakers corner is pretty fine so am wondering if an improvement on the sacd
I have compared the 180 gr. version with an original pressing. The old LP had much more air and better soundstage, although less high frequency detail (probably due to being played a LOT for 30 years on various questionable equipment). I suspect it was once a much better all around record. Still, the 180 gr sounded surprisingly good, as some do not. It was nice and crisp and very revealing. If I had only that I would be happy listening to it, but I still prefer the space and openness of the old LP>
SACD is excellent, one of my fav's, the vinyl is better by virtue of being vinyl if nothing else. Much greater depth and detail.
Which version of vinyl do you have macdadtexas?
The SC Love Supreme sucks. I had it (sold it) and never did like the LP and thought the reviews on the music was over the top. The drums in the right speaker sounded hot and opressive.

I then bought the first pressing of the original and although not perfect, changed my view of the LP. It is an outstanding sounding LP in its original form.