Coltane Track - Which Album?

On the radio this morning was John Coltrane playing 'Naima', but it was not the studio version. It was live, sounded like a small club, and someone - I believe Coltrane - was playing what sounded like a Bass Clarinet. I only caught part of it, but I think there was an Alto horn in there too. Anyone have any idea what album this is from?
The Complete Village Vanguard album from 1961 has Coltrane and Dolphy together doing Naima. It is Dolphy that plays the bass clarinet solo. Is this what you are looking for?
There are many 'bootleg' performances out there, not just official releases. The bass clarinet is not necessarily Dolphy, it could also be Donald Garrett who played with Trane throughout '65-'66. If you heard 2 saxes I would suspect that it was, because that was a usual line up. The second sax would probably be Pharoah Sanders, as Dolphy was already dead by that point. If it is not this later incarnation then Larryi might be right and it is Vanguard 1961.

Either way, there are tons of great Naimas out there. My personal favorite of all time is Stockholm 10/22/63 with the classic quartet (no Dolphy).

If you really want to get the best vision of the earlier band's version, get the Vanguard box set of all the performances of that week at the club in 1961. It has 5 or 6 disks, and the sound is quite good (for a CD). However the performances are STELLAR. The Dophy-Trane interaction is remarkable. It is a key series of gigs in Jazz history.
I don't think it was bootleg. It sounded like a very good recording, even in the car. I believe it was one bass clarinet and one sax. I thought he sax sounded alto, but it could have just been the upper register. There was no third wind instrument.

I'll look into the Vanguard set.
Yep. Sounds like the '61. Dolphy on bass clarinet and Trane on sax. It is beyond amazing. If you like live stuff from that period also try the live at Birdland album.
Naima is on the '66 Village Vanguard Again record, but not on the '61. Is that what I want or is there an expanded version of the '61 release?
You want the 1961 Village Vanguard Box Set with several versions of Naima. This is the one with 5 or 6 discs, not the single disc album that came out in the 60's. There is a 'complete' version with 2 discs also. Don't get that brother audiophile. A fellow like you should get the complete works!

You will love it. All the performances have profound differences, so it is not just pointless repetition. Total improvisation. The solos are out of this world.
Sorry Grimace, my memory shifts things. The box only has 4 discs and a book.
Agree with Chashmal.
Ok! Thanks! I'll see if I can track that down.
Yep, indeed it is the Complete Live at the Vanguard set. The recording is nicely done and, as CDs go, the sound quality is excellent. (I'm typically a vinyl guy)The track in question is on the first disc. Thanks for everyone's help.
Try 'Afro Blue Impressions' for another major Naima!