Collection of buzzwords decribing sound character?

I am looking for a place that gives a good defifinition of all the buzzwords describing sound characters. I have an audiophile bible, but they don't have all of them. If there is no such place, I think we can make a collective one here.

I am thinking of:

Sweet/warm (a kind of can feel it, but what exactly in word??)
I think I know quite a lot of them, but sometime it's hard to put it in words?

Doesn't anyone know such place exist??


Linkwitz Lab Glossary

S pile Glossary
At my local shop here I have some trouble cummunicating as well.
I onced asked about how good a tuner was, and the reply I got was that it was so sensitive, you have to watch what you say around it.
Another time I saw an old accuphase amp, with variable damping. I asked what it would do, and he said it made it sound more liquid.
I went in another time, and asked about the output of a particular rotel. He told me, so I picked it up. I said "that's pretty light for 70 watts", and he said, "oh, you mean the weighted output".
Good stuff Mr. Basement !!--"Liquid",-- comes in a double,leak proof container. Huge "sound-stage" But the shipping on that would be prohibitive. As for "sound -you -can-touch"--- I hope it doesn't touch back.My favorite term for the moment would be --- affordable--- In that it sounds so good;you can afford it,? yes.
To expound on affordable-how about "Priced to Sell" Yowsers, what advertising genius came up with that one?
Can anyone explain what "Spicy" sounds like?
We can in general than apply food qualities to the sound!

We can also apply sex qualities to the sound as well for example "Hard", "Rough", "Long", "Deep", "Narrow", "Short".
My question is: How many veils have been lifted in the history of high fidelity?