I have a phobia when it comes to putting the tonearm wire clips to the cartridge pins.I want to clean and add enhancer but I am a mess when ever I mount a cartridge.I have broken off clips,had my Grado Sonata airborn(no lie) and once ripped a wire out.I only going to mount again in a couple years when I upgrade but I bought some good cleaner and enhancer.Is it worth the neurotic break down to dismount and clean.Any tips,Advice,Medicine?
Bring it to your "friendly dealer". It would be worth $30-$50 buck to have someone else do it, No? This is assuming you could carry your turntable safely.
Tell me about it! Everything about cartridge handling gives me the willies. Considering the exorbitant prices of today's analog components and the system complexity required, I finally gave up and went all digital. Good luck, JT