Colapse to Hegel

dang, missed the 2nd l in Collapse :/

Speakers: Focal Aria 926
Thinking about moving from my Wadia 321 -->Rogue RP-1 (matched Mullards) --> PS Audio S300 to a Hegel Rost. Can get a good deal now on the discontinued Rost. The money I get from the sale of the Rogue and S300 would more than pay for the Rost. Keep the Wadi if Rost DAC does not stand up.
I am going to try get in home audition of Rost this weekend from my LD. If I fall in love with the Hegel sound I could look at one of the newer Hegels (latest DAC) and double the price but could dump the Wadia (to cover additional cost) and have everything in one box I suppose. Been running class D for many moons (not Six Moons) and am just intrigued to see if Class A/B can pull me away from my beloved Tube pre ->Class D config.

comments welcome
Almost finished with the Demo on the Rost.  Very impressive little 50W amp.  I played music through it for 24 hours before I started listening.  Very pleasing high quality sound from an entry level integrated. I used my Wadia 321 streaming (Qobuz, Roon on SGC ST , Bryston BDP Pi endpoint) and compared it directly with my Rogue Tube->Class D combo.   Only knock on it was the bass on some recordings sounded a bit muddy but it could have just been my perception.   I did compare the internal DAC with the Wadia and thought the Wadia produced a better sound stage and depth (As it should).  Rost Didnt produce a bunch of heat either.  Loved the solidly built remote, much better than the cheese plastic of the Rogue.  Proly stay with my current setup but will be taking a hard look at the new H95.   This Rost is on sale at ListenUp for ~$1.8K and would be worth consideration for anyone looking for an integrated priced <$2k.
Just tested with the Balanced connections (Wadia 321 --> Rost) . Dang,  The little Rost came alive.    Sheesh wanna am I gonna do now ?  Sigh.
Just picked up a Simaudio Moon Ace from Lyric Hifi.  Demo, with ten year warranty. Replaced Belles Aria integrated, Ayre Codex dac and Bryston bdp-pi streamer.  With my Vandersteen VLR speakers there is great system synergy and plenty of power, not to mention less clutter.
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rost >> h90 on amp section

rost = h90 on dac section (both relatively mediocre, now 2 gen old akm ds chips, simple implementation)

you need to move to h190 to better the rost on both sections, and need to move to h390 for a very good dac by today's standards
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