Coincident Victory Model

Anybody have a chance to listen to these versus the Super Eclipse model? I suspect they may have less bass impact but
perhaps smoother top end.
Hi,They are fantastic! Plenty of bass w/ my Wyetech Onyx's. Very detailed but smooth as silk, IMHO I think they are the best thing Israel has come out with.
I don't know about the Super, I have had my Victory's for about 3 weeks. These are very special speakers! I have used only planar speakers for over 10 years. They have begun to break in & open up. These are simply amazing with tube amplification. They have the best decay I've ever heard. They are also extremely revealing of poor recordings & differences in equipment. Make sure your front end is up to the task. The only other dynamic speaker I've ever heard that sounds in it's class was the JM Lab Utopia. The Utopia is 30 large. I have been using the subwoofers from my Apogee Studio Grand speakers & they do help fill my room (15 X 24). I am told they will continue to improve until 300 hours use. It's hard to believe they can get much better. I am extremely happy with the Victory's, Israel Blume should be proud.
I have owned both speakers starting out with the SE. While the Victory may not have the bass response, its base response is not whimpy by any means. When one compares both these speakers from mids up, the Victory is much more detailed and revealing. All this creates a larger soundstage. A great speaker indeed! Female vocals never sounded better to my ears!