Coincident TRS Extreme cable....anyone here using

Hello...I was wondering if anyone on Audiogon has Coincident TRS Extreme speaker cable in their system yet or had a chance to audition it. I am going to be buying speaker cable as my next hi-fi purchase. I haven't heard much about this cable yet but am really really interested. Thanks for any opinions or comments.
Purchased mine about 3 weeks ago. Was using the TRS cable before. Using them on my Mid/High's. Better than the TRS. Israel told me I would notice a favorable difference without the normal break in period required. He was right. Smoother more natural sounding with all the detail the TRS are capable of. Haven't used them on my bass cab's so can't comment on their bass ability. I'm definitely happy with the upgrade.
Just purchased another set of Extreme speaker cables for my bass cabs. Noticed tighter, quicker, more solid bass. A definite improvement again. Also purchased the Extreme interconnects which replaced my CSTs. Again I noticed that the sound was smoother and more natural with all the detail I was used to with the CSTs. All in all a distinguishable, worthwhile upgrade.