Coincident Triumph vs. Zu Druid

I am considering these two speakers and will drive them with a mactone XM-IIA integrated (40w/ch KT88 design). I listen to just about everything, from classical to indie rock. I happen to be on quite a Feist kick right now. Also, i do not have a cd player - i am vinyl only. Anyone have any ideas Thanks.
Own the Coincident Triumph TRS Signature and they are accurate and with great musical texture. Listen to acoustic jazz, blues and celtic. They are particularly good with vocals and acoustic instruments. Very quick attack.

Image well and provide excellent soundstage. I've owned many quality British, Canadian and American speakers and found these to be truly great and easy to drive. Have run them with Luxman, VTL and Onix (English) with excellent results.

I've no experience with the Zu Druid.

You are "Celtic66," and you have no experience with Druids? Just doesn't seem right somehow. :-)

I don't mean this personally, but I've been wondering why the whole word has suddenly become allergic to using "I" as the subject of a sentence. (Just the grousing of a stodgy old English major!)

Sorry for the interruption, Asonicyouth.

We've had the ZU Druids for about 3 years. They handle anything we throw at them (and that is quite a wide range of music). With our smallest amplifier we can play the Druid to any level we want.

Our amps also work well with the Coincidents, but our S-30 (our smallest amplifier) is not enough power IMO for the Coincidents, although it sounds fine on them. I think the volume level is a matter of taste in this regard and a lot depends on the listening room. I'm often accused of playing things too loud :)

So the difference is efficiency and the Druid has slightly more bass (but overall that is probably not going to mean a whole lot). Otherwise with our amps the two speakers sound very similar.
I have heard both, only on demos and at different times, however fact as above pointed out above, power could be more an issue than sound, but I would also note that the Zu is really going to excel close to walls and out in the middle of a room.. I believe those coincidents will require a bit more space from what I could tell on the demos at a dealer, Just some thoughts to think about with your room. And the Zu's are in fact 6 db more efficient and are also 12 ohm load vs. 8 ohm which is nothing to sneeze at with small amps, resale is probably pretty good on both, but the Zu's seem to disappear within days and get a pretty good bulk of cash back out of them.