COINCIDENT total Victory or AERIAL 9 ?

Is Anyone Listen & Compare this Speakers, Which is your recommendation for the only 2 chanal MUSIC, this speakers need more amps power.

Thank you.
Even if someone's heard both in their own room only you can say which sounds better to you. At all price points there's alot of great competition but they sound different from one another.
Room size: 18 x 14 x 8.
Very good sending room traitement.

Thank you.
I've used the Total Victory for about two years, but have not heard the Aerial. They look technically somewhat similar, which means little of course. The TV is somewhat more sensitive and has higher impedance, so if you want to use lower powered tube amps the TV might be a better choice. The Aerial will likely be happier with higher power and lower amplifier output impedance (read that as transistor amps might be preferable). The Aerial 9 actually looks similar to Coincident's Total Eclipse, which I've heard extensively and is a very good speaker.

Given my recent experience though, I'd be inclined to look for a simpler speaker than either of them. That many drivers and that much crossover can make for more problems than solutions. In fact, if I were looking for a full-range solution right now, I might even forgo single big speakers entirely, and look into combining very high-quality monitors with a pair of good subs.