Coincident Total Reference vs Zu Definition

Has anyone listened to Coincident Total Reference retail $22,00? In particular I would like to know comparative difference with Zu Definition neither of which I have heard but are the leading contenders for my speaker selection. I would like to know if it is worth while paying extra $12,000 to go with Conincident Total Reference. I want a second system for the master bedroom which is fairly large and I'm thinking of using Melody P1688 Signature preamp and Melody M2A3 dual mono amps as associated equipment. Any comments or suggestions appreciated.
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Ridiculous overkill either way.
Coincident Total Reference in the bedroom. You must be joking. That would be a waste. Never heard the Melody and I seriously doubt that pairing the Total Reference with a 2A3 based amp would be optimal.

I have had Super Eclipses IIs for 4 years or so (with 300B-based amps), and like Israel Blume's work, and am very interested in hearing the Total Refs. I don't have the room for them and they are out of my price range, but I'd still like to hear them.

I follow this forum reasonably closely and have not seen anyone post their listening impressions yet. These are pretty new, as you know.

I don't know if the Total Refs will be at CES, but I would not be surprised if Coincident show them.

Metralla, may I learn which brand amp you are using with your speakers?
I have total eclipse and still in a search for an amp best matching
thanks in advance
Ben, have you tried any of the Atma-Sphere amps. I am running MA1's with the Total Victory ll's. Everything is there from ppp to house shaking volumes.
Sorry about the delay Ben. I did not see your response.

I use Welborne Labs Laurel IIx with my Super Eclipse. These are SETs based around the 300B valve. Mine have the Ultimate Upgrade kit fitted, and Full Music mesh triodes. I use Sylvania 6SL7GT VT-229 driver tubes (from 1945).

I live in an apartment so I have all the volume I need from 8 watts. If I were to upgrade the amps I'd either go for Ron Welborne's DRD amps (300B) or a balanced pair of monoblocks like the BAT VK-150SE (yes, I know that these two could not be further apart in topology).

you want something soft and warm for the bedroom (so the wife will stay there), not dynamic as hell like the 2 you mentioned

think sonus faber or something