coincident total eclipses/von schweikert gen 3 hse

I am about to decide btw these two speakers.

Coincident Total Eclipses or
Von Schweikert Gen 3 HSE

I will change the other components according to my speaker choice.

I mainly listen to classic music and jazz.

Any help or experience would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Do you mean VR-4 GenIII's? If so I compared the two in one of the forum topics going back. I still have both but prefer the VR4 GenIII's. My listening tastes are newer style jazz (with good solid drumming and bass) and classical.
Thanks byfo,

I do mean VR4 gen 3 hse. Where can I find your comparison.
I am sure it will help
Go to . Hope this helps.
Thank you Byfo. It really helped.
It seems that I am moving towards vr4 gen3. Similarly I own a 1009 antique sound as you are. Do you think 60 watts are enough to drive VR4's??
Do you think 60 watts are enough to drive VR4's??
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Pardon me for jumping in (I own VR4 Gen III HSE). I don't believe 60 wpc is enough to drive them sufficiently...especially in the bass region.

Yes, 60wpc will drive them, and you might like the sound, but they will be cleaner and more controlled with more power.

I'd recommend 100wpc minimum.
I found 70 tube watts to be fine for the JRs when I auditioned them, but i do not think that would be enough for the Gen 3s.
The ASL1009's are 90watt amps. I switched them out for BEL 1001 MKv's mono'd (200 watts per side)which led to tighter bass, better imaging and overall presentation of the music. I have since changed out the BEL's for Lamm M1.2's which present excellent mid's and high's. The Gen3's are a real musical speaker IMO.

Dear Friends,

My final vote went to Total Eclipse 2.
Altough I was formerly in love with VR4 Gen3, after meeting te 2 and a 3 day a/b comparison of the two speakers, for me the te 2 was the clear winner in terms of every audiophile parameter (maybe except the overall musicality criteria which is really very subjective...)

After changing at least 10 speakers in the 5000-15000 $ region (wilson , proac model, von schweikert model , zu model, sonus faber, revel, jm lab utopia etc) I believe it is one of the best all around speakers and great value.

Thanks for all the comments.